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    Rental led display

    Rental LED Display

    LED rental screen is a dedicated stage performances, cultural activities, and other activity and events.This led display is mainly bought by the lease company,and rental to one that need to used led display.
    For LED rental display,now in the markets,mainly used customized die-cast aluminum box design, which is light, thin, fast installation. The box is light and can be quickly installed, easy to be removed and transported, adapted to large-scale leasing and fixed installation applications. Most of the rental led display take use of synchronous control system processing, can accept DVI, VGA, HDMI, S-video, composite, YUV and other video input signals, free to play video, graphics and other programs to real-time, synchronized, clear information dissemination.
    Our LED rental display has the following advantages:
    1, ultra-light,can hold by single hand, easy to install easily;
    2, ultra-thin - box with aluminum die-casting molding, high strength, toughness, high precision, not easy to deformation, easy for transport;
    3, high precision - the size is processing by electromechanical,ony 0.1mm difference;
    4, compatible - the new structure design, can meet the lifting and stacking requirements, meanwhile,according to design for indoor and outdoor use
    5, fast - up and down of the cabinet equipped with fast locking mechanism, only need to take 10 seconds to complete a cabinet installation, installation of high precision;
    6, reliable - high hardness, good heat dissipation;
    7, the cost - the cabinet is light weight designed, the installation costs is low; low power consumption which can save operating costs, reduce labor costs

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