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    Indoor LED Display

        Indoor LED Display is made up by SMD LED,and widely used for indoor environment,such as shopping wall,church,Night Bar,train station,airport,cinema,music bar,DJ etc

        At this time,the Indoor LED Display mainly included P1.25,P1.44,P1.56,P1.923,P2,P2.5,P3,P4,P5,P6,P7.62,P8 and P10 etc,for P1.25,P1.44,P1.56,P1.923,P2 etc is narrow small pixel pitch led display,which takes use of high precision die-casting aluminum cabinet.

        While for other pixel pitch,according to the clients requirement,can use the following design to install the led display:

        1,Die-casting Aluminum Cabinet,this way is for high end usage,which requires easy,fast,seamless installation,which is expensive.

        2, Make the frame locally,and install all the led modules with magnetic bolts to attach to the frame as like the second photos.This way is much economic,and can be front maintenance.Need some professional people to install it.

        3,With simple cabinet without backdoor,which is also economic,but there is no back door,some clients think it is messy.

        4,Cainet with backdoor,which is much better,but the price is more expensive than the 2 and 3,and also very heavy for shipping.


    Indoor LED Display.jpg